Young Artists & Authors Showcase Tour Schedule 2017-2018


Tour Location

Exhibit Location

September 2017 Naperville, FL Art fair: Sept. 16-17 at the Naperville Municipal Building
October 2017 Durham, NC October 2-6; W.G. Pearson Magnet Elementary School

October 9-16; Durham Technical Community College

October 17-20; Durham Arts Council

October 21-30; City Hall, City of Durham

November 2017 Cincinnati, OH Kennedy Heights Art Center – 6620 Montgomery Road Unit 2, Cincinnati, OH 45213
December 2017 Santa Fe, NM December 1-15; New Mexico School for the Arts

Mandella International School

December 16-28; Warehouse 21

Santa Fe City Hall

January 2018 Long Beach, CA January 5-22; Expo Arts Center – 4321 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807
February 2018 Santa Barbara, CA tbd
March 2018 Chandler, AZ tbd
April 2018 Boynton Beach, FL tbd
May 2018 Delray Beach, FL Delray Beach City Hall, Florida
June 2018 Washington, DC Sister Cities International Office

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