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Koushik Jandhyala

Koushik Jandhyala is a Sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California. His hobbies are mountain biking, programming and photography. He wishes to become an Aerospace Engineer. He was interested in this Sister Cities Program through their Sister Cities President Mr. Timothy Stiven. He is currently working in Flowers for the Future, which is a non-profit organization under the Eileen Murphy Foundation. They are a group of students using the Virtual Exchange education model to help students in areas where education is denied.

They are currently working with girls in Kabul, Afghanistan and just recently expanded into Hong Kong, SAR, San Bernardino, California, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Japan. They meet once a month with the countries and either exchange artwork and poetry or we teach lessons to the students(physics, stem, english and more).Their most successful project was the Food for Thought initiative where we raised money and sent the money over to Kabul where they were able to purchase food. Their next project is to help the 12th graders apply for scholarships and out of the county universities.